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Hologram Building

2010 January 29
Posted by shenji.pan

Hologram Building is 50% off for special sale !

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This shows 3D Hologram Buildings with perfect application of virtual reality technology! Full utilization of the build-in digital compass and accelerometer will drive you the best user experience.


  • With iPhone 3GS or iPad, the build-in digital compass will be fully utilized and combined with the accelerometer to give you a full position sensitive experience. The 3D Hologram Building is just like a virtual object floating in the air, no matter you rotate or put the phone in any direction, you could observe the picture of the building at any angle of view. (Try to move around, east, south, west, north and rotate the device to have fun)
  • Use the accelerometer to look up and down, view the scene in different angle by rotating the device.
  • Use one finger to rotate the Building left or right.
  • Shake the device or double tap to switch between 5 different buildings with fantastic transition animation.
  • Pinch to Zoom in or Zoom out.
  • Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting edge signal processing technique.
  • Superb high quality graphic display by HDR technology employment.

A wonderful experience you never had before!
Just Go and Enjoy it!

NOTE: Direction control utilize the build-in compass and it works only on iPhone 3GS, you can also rotate the Building by finger instead of build-in compass and it works on all devices.



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  1. Mats permalink
    October 15, 2010

    Very very cool app!
    Lot´s of potential here… especially for architectural use, AEC firms, design firms, real easate buisiness….

    Are you going to develop this so you can download your own 3d-model / designs?
    Converting a 3ds max design model or google sketchup model to iphone hologram model?
    That would be a “killer” against Adobes 3d-pdf files / viewers….

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