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3D Sun&Moon

2010 April 17
Posted by shenji.pan

3D Sun&Moon is out! 50% off for special sales now!

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It’s so excited to introduce you the best 3D Sun and Moon Virtualization app on iPhone!
This is a virtual 3D compass sphere which shows the position of Sun and Moon in the sky with perfect application of virtual reality technology! Full utilization of the build-in accelerometer drive the best user experience.


  • You could see the current position of the Sun and Moon simultaneously on a 3D Compass ball, and the 24-hour orbit of the Sun and Moon will be displayed as a circle surround the ball.
  • Use the accelerometer to look up and down, view the scene in different angle by rotating the device.
  • Use one finger to rotate the Compass ball left or right, the position of Sun and Moon will be updated accordingly.
  • Time and date can be adjusted smoothly, the position of Sun and Moon will move simultaneously with the changing of the date or time.
  • Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting edge signal processing technique.
  • Superb high quality graphic display by full screen anti-aliasing and HDR technology employment.

If you get iPhone 3GS or iPad, you can check out another app of mine called “3D Sun&Moon Compass 3GS“, which can make full use of the build-in digital compass and drive you the best user experience!

A wonderful experience you never had before!
Just Go and Enjoy it!



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